The Project: Background

Some 8% of Maine residents ages 18 to 64 live with a disability that significantly impacts their activities of daily living.+  

Whether due to chronic illness (e.g., multiple sclerosis or other neurological disease), traumatic injury (e.g., car accident) or other life altering occurrence (e.g., injury during military service), many of these individuals require stable housing and personal care/community based assistance in order to live independently.

+ Taken from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is in line with the limited stock of housing that is available nationally to people with mobility limitations.  “According to one estimate, fewer than 4% of housing units qualify as 'livable' for people who have moderate mobility problems, and even fewer are wheelchair accessible.  These supply constraints amplify the affordability difficulties of . . . people with disabilities who are on fixed incomes.”

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